The special one : Master Zaini |

The special one : Master Zaini

Abah Guru Sekumpul is very charismatic and popular teacher in Borneo, especially on Martapura and Banjarmasin. All people call him Tuan Guru Ijai. He has the full name is KH Muhammad Zaini Abdul Ghoni. Born, in the night Wednesday 27th of Muharram, 1361 AH (11 February 1942 M).

Personal Interests
His first name is Qushayri, since childhood he includes from one of the “mahfuz”, i.e. a situation that very rarely happens, except for people who are chosen by Allah SWT. In his childhood, he already has the properties and other traits than others, of which he never has wet dream. Guru Zaini since childhood has always been on the side of both parents and grandmother, Salbiyah. He was educated with great affection and discipline in education. His father and grandmother have inculcated monotheism and morality from birth. He learns to read Al-Quran, theology, morals with his grandmother.
Lives of his parents in a very weak state of the economy, but they always pay attention to assist and alleviate the burden on teachers who teach their children reading the Quran, so every night he always took with them a small bottle filled with kerosene to give to teachers who teach the Quran.

These are Teacher KH Zaini Abd. Ghani:

1.  Ibtida level are: Teacher Abd Mu’az, Teacher Sulaiman, Teacher M. Zein, Teacher H. Abd. Husin Hamid, Teacher H. Mahalli, Teacher H. Rafi’I, Teacher Syahran, Teacher H. Husin Dakhlan, Teacher H. Salman Yusuf

2.  Junior high level is: ‘Alimul Fadhil H. Sya’rani’Arif, ‘Alimul Fadhil H, Husin Qadri,’ Alimul Fadhil H. Salilm Ma’ruf, ‘Alimul Fadhil H. Seman Mulya, ‘Alimul Fadhil H. Salman Jalil.

3. Teachers in the field Tajwid is: ‘Alimul Fadhil H. Sya’rani ‘Arif,’ Alimul Fadhil At Hafiz H. Nashrun Thahir, ‘Al-Alim H. Aini Kandangan.

4. Special teachers are ‘Alimul’allamah H. Muhammad Syarwani Abdan, ‘Alimul’allamah Ash Shaykh As Sayyid Muh. Amin Kutby. Sanad in various fields of science and various individuals received from
Kyai Falak (Bogor), ‘Muh Alimul’allamah Ash Shaykh Yasin of Padang (Mecca). ‘As Sheikh Hasan Alimul’allamah Masysyath,’ Alimul’allamah Ash Sheikh Ismail Yamani and ‘Alimul’allamah Ash Shaykh Abd. Qadir Al Baar.

5. The first is a Spiritual Teacher: ‘Alimul’ Allama Ali Junaidi (Berau) bin ‘Alimul Qadi Fadhil H. Muhammad Amin ibn ‘Alimul’ Allama Mufti H. Jamaluddin bin Sheikh Muhammad Arsyad, and ‘Alimul’ Allamah H. Muhammad Syarwani Abdan. ‘Alimullailamah H. Muhammad Syarwani Abdan submits to Kyai Falak next Falak leave it to ‘Alimul’allamah Ash Shaykh As Sayyid Muh. Amin Kutby, then he handed to Sheikh Muhammad Arsyad which further led directly by the Messenger of Muhammad S.A.W. From instructions ‘Alimul’allamah Junaidi Ali, he was encouraged to learn to’ Alimul Fadhil H. Muhammad (Gadung) bin ‘Alimul Fadhil H. Farlisi Salman bin ‘Allimul’allamah Qadi H. Asiya bin Mahmud bin Shaikh Muhammad Arsyad, Light of Muhammad knew things; it is thus among his teachers about Light of Muhammad, among others, is ‘ Alimul Fadhil H. M. Muhammad mentioned above.

In approximately 10 years of age, he has khususiyat and grace of God in the form of Kasyaf Hissi i.e. see and hear what is in someone mind. In addition, in the same age a man former rebels who greatly feared the public would be evil and cruelty accosted him. The arrival of the person is certainly very surprising his family at home. But what happened, the man was when I saw him directly begged for mercy and ask for knowledge that is controlled or examined during which he glory, if it is wrong or misguided ask corrected and he was asked in order to be converted.

He was a very loving scholars and righteous people, this is apparent when he was a kid, he’s always waiting for a place that usually ‘Alimul Fadhil H. Zainal Ilmi pass on certain days when they wanted to go to Banjarmasin purely just to shake hands and kiss the hands of the master teacher Ilmi H Zainal.

His writings are
- Proceedings Mubarakah Manaqib. – Ash-Shaykh As-Sayyid bin Abd      Muharnmad Karim Al-Qadiri al-Hasani al-Madani As Samman.
- Ar Risalatun Nuraniyah fi Syarhit Tawassulatis Sammaniyah.
- Nubdzatun fi Manaqibil Imamil Masyhur bil Ustadzil a’zham Muhammad bin Ali Ba-’Alwy. nasab Teacher Zaini: H Muhammad Zaini Abdul Ghani bin Al ‘arif Billah Abdul Ghani Abdul Manaf bin H Seman bin Mohammed bin HM, Abdullah bin Sa’ad bin H’ Alimul ‘Allama Mufti HM Khalid bin’ Alimul ‘Allamah ibn Khalifah H Hasanuddin Sheikh Muhammad Arsyad.

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